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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose Robert Cerbo Musical Entertainment for my event?
A. For many reasons. The DJ is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your reception. At the end of the night, what people tend to remember most is that they had a good time at the dance. There are a lot of DJ's out there - some less expensive, some more expensive, but we have the experience, and the equipment to make sure your night is WORRY FREE - which means all you need to do is relax and enjoy the party!
Since we are also a smaller family owned company, it allows us to provide a more personal touch than some of the bigger DJ's are able to. From your first call or e-mail, to the end of your special night, you'll be working with the owner - the person who will actually be DJing your event, not just some kid looking to make a few bucks in a weekend. We will work with you to make your reception everything you've been dreaming of.

Q. What do you charge for DJing or live music?
A. Please contact us for a quote.

Q How much experience do you have?
A. Robert has been in the music business for over forty years. During this time, he has performed at countless wedding receptions (over 2,000), and even more private parties. He also has performed live with his band and many others and has a wealth of experience in all facets of entertainment -- including coordinating many weddings in New York, New Jersey, South Florida, Las Vegas, and now East Texas.
Carolyn has also been a DJ on radio, as well as anchored two TV shows in East Texas. She also does ‘voice overs’ and public speaking engagements. She works with the crowd in the same fashion as Robert does, and both have the same amount of music, and sound systems. You can’t go wrong with either Robert or Carolyn, and at times they work together as a duo singing and performing at larger events.

Q. Do you use a written contract?
A. Yes. A written contract is really the only way you can be sure of what you are getting, and to be sure that your DJ doesn't stick you with any hidden costs. If a DJ doesn't use a written contract it may be best, for your own safety, not to do business with them.

Q. How much, and what kind of music do you have?
A. Our music library has over 40,000 songs and is continuously growing! With selections as far back as the "Big Band" Era to the top Country, Pop & Hip Hop of today, we can create a playlist for almost any musical palate and, if you give us your requests within a couple of weeks of your party, we will be sure to have ALL of them.

Q. How will you be dressed?
A. We will be dressed professionally, depending on your event and how formal or casual it is, and whether it is inside or outside.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. We use Peavey sound equipment, which can be used for a very large area if needed. (We’ve used it at a NYE dance for 1,200 + people in South Florida and the dance floor was packed.) We also use a computer to DJ, which allows us to access thousands of songs instantly. This is GREAT for any last minute requests.

We also will bring a CD player and a cassette player so that we’ll be able to have any format needed to play anything that you or your guests may have recordings of. (…Sorry, no 8 track!)

We also set up a microphone on a stand, in addition to the one we will be using, for you to use if/when necessary (Toasts, Singing, Announcements, etc.)

Robert also uses a Yamaha keyboard, PSR 3000, for live performance, which sounds like a full band and has every style and rhythm for dancing. Actually, this is what we used for that 1,200 person NYE party and all events that we do live. We play many ‘ballroom dance clubs’, which we perform totally ‘live music.’ We’ve played totally live for events such as ‘Dancing With The Tyler Stars’ and performed the whole evening for professional dancers and their contest.

Carolyn has background tracks, made from Robert’s keyboard, so that she can also sing live, and it will sound as if Robert was there himself backing her up.

But of course you can choose if you want us to just play music by DJing, or combine that with ‘live’ songs.

Q. When you perform live, what type of songs do you do?
A. We sing the songs that were performed by artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Bubble, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Nat & Natalie Cole, etc. We can perform other genres, but leave the ‘party songs’ to DJing using the original artists. Many people love hearing the live performance, which adds a special ambiance to the affair. This works especially well during any happy hour, and/or dinner.

Q. Do you have ‘back-up’ equipment?
A. Yes – for every event. We have backup computers, and also have back up CDs of your requests and other ‘main songs’ just in case the first computer fails (which has never happened). We also have backup PA systems, so we’re covered with everything we need.

Q. Do you allow anyone to sing with you?
A. Yes, with your permission of course. If you are going to have someone sing live at your event to music that they will provide, we prefer to get the music from you or them before the event occurs. We have worked at many events where the singer provided us with a CD that was scratched etc. and the singer was unable to perform because the CD would not play. If you give us the music ahead of time, we can correct these problems in most cases.

Q. Can you also perform at my ceremony?
A. Yes. Quite often we perform for the ceremony, and then the reception. We have all of the classical songs you may want with many different instrumentations versions, such as string quartets, harps, pianos, guitars, etc.

Q. How much time do you need for our song requests?
A. Please try to submit all of your song requests to us at least two or three weeks prior to your event. This will allow us time to be sure we have all of the songs that you have requested. This also allows us time to have a play list already put together for your event before the event occurs.

Q. How many songs titles do you need from us and which ones are important?
A. The main songs we need are:

  • Your first dance song
  • Father-daughter song
  • Mother-son song

Also, if there are any special songs you'd like dedicated to anyone else during the evening, (i.e. parents, friends, grandparents, etc.) You may also want to choose a 'last dance' song. Every party is different, but those first three songs are the important ones to have, and all the others are optional. Of course, if there are other people you will dance with, such as a step dad or mom, we’ll need those songs too.
We play a wide variety of music, which usually works best, but if you have 'favorite' genres, or artists, please let us know. You may also make a list of specific songs that you'd like played, but there is no need for a long list. This will just give us a better idea of what styles, genres and artists you want played. The B&G are usually so busy visiting, etc. We are careful to make sure the guests are enjoying themselves with a variety of music.
You may make a list of ‘Must Play’ and another of ‘Suggestions’ but again, it’s better to have a few that you like, and enjoy the party with a great variety that everyone will enjoy as well. We consider all of the different age groups and preferences for the party as a whole. We make sure no section or group of your party feels isolated from the party. We assure you -- there will be something GREAT FOR EVERYONE!

Q. How about your setting up time?
A. We will be set up in plenty of time before your event occurs, and will remain at the location of your event after we have set up until the event begins. We normally make the arrangements of setting up with the contact person in charge of the venue or party.

Q. How much room do you need?
A. We prefer to have an area of about 10 feet in length by 10 feet in width if possible, but we can squeeze into smaller areas when necessary. Please just make us aware of this prior to the event, if you can.
It is important though, if at all possible, that we set up adjacent to the dance floor on whatever side you choose, and that there aren’t any tables between the dance floor and the music. This is important for many reasons, which include the sound not being too close to some tables and too far from others. Also, people who may want to come up and talk to us or ask for requests won’t have to make their way through other people’s tables. There also may be times where we need to talk with the dancers for some fun ‘events’ -- it will work out much better not having to talk over tables which are in front of us and the speakers. We will be happy to look over the location before your event, if at all possible.

Robert CerboQ. Do you make all of the announcements needed?
A. Yes, and we will only make the necessary announcements that we discuss prior to the event and any announcements that you ask us to make during the event. We will not take the spotlight from you or your event. We feel that you are paying to have music played and not to listen to a DJ ramble on, so we only speak when we are directing the crowd as to what they need to do in order to keep your event on schedule and flowing smoothly. Once again, we will gladly announce anything you need. We have emceed many different events, so your announcements will be very professionally done.
Typical announcements for a wedding would be, your entrance, first dance, your dance with your parents, cake cutting, garter & bouquet toss, dollar dance, if you have one, toasts, and others, depending on your preferences.
When there is a buffet, many times we will also announce when the food is ready, and also announce, if necessary, the table numbers separately so that everyone doesn’t rush up to the food table at the same time. It is so nice to have the head table (bride & groom) go first, along with their parents, & grand parents. This will give all of you a little more time to eat and visit with family and friends. We then will call out the other tables in random order, or whatever order you may choose. We are always aware of how many are at the food table and when it gets to be a few, we will call out a couple more tables. In this way, the line is never too crowded and the people who are waiting can sit, relax, and listen to the music until their table number is called. This works so well.

Q. Can you also play for an outside affair?
A. Yes, but if you would like for us to set up outside, we must be under a covered area in case of bad weather. We set up a lot of very expensive equipment that cannot be moved very quickly if bad weather surprises us.

Q. Can you provide music at my reception even if it’s in a church that doesn’t allow dancing?
A. Absolutely. In fact, we have performed at many, and we are always sure to keep the music appropriate for that setting. We certainly don’t play any music that would be objectionable to anyone. In this type of setting the live performance adds something very special to your affair and the music selections we play are enjoyed by all age groups.

Q. Do you take requests from my guests?
A. As far as taking requests from your guests, that is totally up to you. We usually handle requests in the following way. If a guest asks for a song that we feel will be beneficial to the party, we’ll try to play it for him or her. If a guest asks for a song that we feel will hurt the mood or momentum of the party, we usually will delay playing it until the appropriate time when it will add to the party. Usually we’re able to play all requests and everyone has a great time.

Q. Do you set up a tip jar of any kind?
A. We do not set up a tip jar or encourage your guests to tip us.

Q. Should we tip our DJ?
A. Only if you wish to. There are many different views held by clients and DJ's alike about tipping, but our view is clear - We will never ask for or expect a tip, but if you feel our services warranted a tip for an outstanding job, it is always very much appreciated, but again, not expected.

Q. When can I contact you if I have any questions?
A. You can feel free to call us anytime day or night. If for some reason we do not answer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Our phone number is 936-634-0000.
Robert’s cell number is 936-635-7000, and Carolyn’s cell is 936-414-6080. You can email us at:

...and we will be sure to return your email ASAP.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.
Thank you,
Robert & Carolyn Cerbo

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